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Pepperdata – Hadoop Optimization

LiquidBook has just launched a new website for Pepperdata. Pepperdata’s Hadoop optimization software monitors and controls all facets of system performance in real time. We designed and developed a custom WordPress solution, that features custom sections for events, press releases, news coverage and employee profiles. Using our private Liquidbook plugin we added enhancements to google maps, custom twitter feeds, […]

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Wordpress Website Launch Bulletin

The Pearl Magazine

LiquidBook and Deluxe Creative Co. have just launched a new website for The Pearl, the official magazine of the Pearl District Business Association. The Pearl magazine is a great companion site for the Explore the Pearl website, providing news and feature articles about businesses in the district. While the magazine is contained within the main domain, it’s actually a self-contained WordPress website. This project was completed […]

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Article on WordPress Coding and Development

Adding an icon to WordPress widget title

This CodePen shows how to add Font Awesome icons to WordPress widget titles by using jQuery. This script can be easily added to a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. By default, WordPress widget header titles have whatever class the developer assigns them. If you use the same widget you may get all the widget […]

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Installing a second WordPress instance in a subfolder

I recently worked on a project where the client wanted to add a second WordPress instance (install) within a subfolder of the main site. The main WordPress site is a WordPress directory website. The new second site is a magazine with a different identity. Normally, you put your blog in a subfolder like, and […]

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Speeding up your WordPress Website

One of the big questions we get from clients is “what can I do to speed up my website?” I wish there was a magic button that solved this issue, but there’s not. That being said, there are numerous things that can be done to increase your WordPress website speed. Page load speed is very important with more and more people viewing your website on their smartphones and tablets on a mobile wireless network.

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Working with WordPress

As you may know, WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS), with about 60 million sites. Many hosting services feature an easy WordPress install option. It’s free and open source. WordPress features easy to install themes and a vast array of plugins that will often provide inexpensive solutions to your needs. is a great starting place to learn more about WordPress.

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